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Floor Tennis Advantages and History


Floor Tennis is a sport for all age groups and genders, for all sections of society. Singles, Doubles, Mix Doubles, Novice, Sub Junior, Junior, Senior, and Free Age categories. That means a 5 years child to 70 years old can play the sport for health, fitness and even for competitions.


The sport was earlier played by US Military in the 19th century as they did not have TT table and not much space, so they made the changes to suit the availability of space and equipment and started this new sport.

In the 21st century the sport was transformed into Floor Tennis. The racket and the ball weight is less, the field is smaller so that small kids and even old age people can also play the sport.

The World Floor Tennis Federation (WFTF) started in 2018.

Floor Tennis Infrastructure

For players, schools, and government departments the infrastructure is always a major issue. Many countries having less privileged economies are always reluctant to promote expensive sports. Nowadays even developed countries are reluctant to spend money because hundreds of sports are being played.


Safety has always been a concern for parents when children play a game. But there is no risk of any kind of injury in this game, it is a non-combative game. This is one of the main reasons why people of all age groups are interested in playing this game.

Practice At Home

The best part of this sport is that you could even practice at home with your parents also. You need not go to any stadium or sports complex, you don’t need to find a partner.

If you have a 22×22 flat floor anywhere in your home you may play with your sibling or with your parents also.

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