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About WFTF

Floor Tennis Federation
Harpal Singh Flora - Founder
Harpal Singh Flora

The World Floor Tennis Federation was founded in 2018 by Harpal Singh Flora from India. This organization is independent and structured to bring tennis to everyone, everywhere with special courts for children, adults, and wheelchairs alike. Players can compete at the local, national, or international level for example WFTF Nationals are played every year for men, women, and mixed doubles categories with additional categories under 18 years old boys/girls separately. While WFTF Open Championships are played annually for all, additionally Seniors age 50+ can also participate. Championship held after two weeks of coaching schools, so new players have a chance to practice before competing in championships event.

The World Floor Tennis Federation spread across the five continents, having continental and national federations. This will allow players to get invited for free trials at WFTF’s training school or coaching sessions held by Federations in order to get selected to take part in the WFTF international championships’ event. All players are allowed to be part of the clubs/academies/association affiliated with the World Floor Tennis Federation regardless of their religion, caste, color, or age group.

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