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Floor Tennis – a young sport

A fast-paced, addictive game that’s simple to learn but hard to master. The sport was developed in the 19th century by US Military who didn’t have TT tables and not much space, so they made changes to suit the availability of space and equipment. In the 21st century, the sport transformed into Floor Tennis – lighter racket and ball weight, a smaller field, so even kids can play!

If you’re looking to keep your kids occupied over the summer break, or simply want to find a new sport that requires less time and space than traditional tennis, then floor tennis is definitely worth considering. It’s still relatively young as far as sports go, but it has gained popularity as more people have become interested in its faster-paced style of play. This guide explains everything you need to know about floor tennis so you can try it out yourself!

There’s something timeless about playing tennis on a tennis court. But as we move into a future where there may be no courts, and people will live in apartments and condos with few places to play, it might be good to look back at our roots.

girl playing floor tennis
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